John, Paul and Mic

A Candid Interview with Lisa Helps’ Campaign Manager, Sonia Théroux

November 28, 2014
First off, at the 1 minute mark, Paul and John review the municipal election predictions made on the show (by John, Paul, Bernard von Schulmann and Michael Geoghegan), to see how surprisingly accurate some of them were. Bernard and Paul were the only two with a big miss on the big news of the night, Saanich Mayor and Victoria Mayor (Paul got both wrong).

At the 10:20 mark, the veil is lifted on Lisa Helps' campaign machine, as we begin our interview with Sonia Théroux, her campaign manager. Sonia gives us unique insider insights into the mechanics of the campaign, the so-called "Purple" coalition, the galvanizing effect of Lisa's personality, and the peculiar campaign dynamics which ultimately led to a 89 vote victory on election night.

We veer off into a thousand directions, talking about sorry state of political discourse, voter suppression, pantyhose and photographs with chickens.

This was one of the most interesting interviews we have had to date. We hope you love it too!