John, Paul and Mic

BEER - with Murray Langdon of Vancouver Island Brewery

July 22, 2015
In this episode, we welcome to the show Murray Langdon, the General Manager of the award winning Vancouver Island Brewery, the oldest craft brewer on Vancouver Island.

Given Murray's long career in journalism prior to coming aboard with Vancouver Island Brewery, we kick off the conversation with a general talk around the state of media in Canada, and get some great insights from somebody who spent most of a lifetime working in the media industry.

We shift gears into beer. The history of the brewery, the state of the industry, it's connection with "buy local", and the many opportunities that exist around the industry.

We wrap up with a chat about the area where the brewery is located, and the potential land use around that area - "mid-town" (or as John might envision it, "Yaletown").

Media, business and politics - sounds like a pretty well rounded episode for JPM. Enjoy the show!

This episode is not intended as an endorsement of alcohol consumption of any kind. In particular, it is not intended for an audience under age 19. If you drink alcohol, please drink responsibly, don't drive (and drink locally).