John, Paul and Mic

Federal Political Panel 2015 - Part 1 of 4

August 3, 2015
In a dangerous social experiment, we brought four different viewpoints from four different Federal political party activists into one room.

Instead of the predicted implosion of the space-time continuum, we actually had a pretty frank and interesting discussion about the upcoming Federal election, and many issues...
  • A McKenzie Interchange!
  • $1 Billion deficit. Rounding error, or political hay?
  • Apparently we are in, or may have been in a recession.
  • Did anybody predict the price of oil falling as it did? Fracking revolution or carbon bubble?
  • The carbon economy... Cap and trade? Carbon tax? Regulatory standards? Government incentives?
  • Childcare? A National plan? Parent choice?
  • When's the writ going to drop? How does it matter?
Esteemed guests included...

James Cocolla
Riding President, NDP - Victoria

Bruce Hallsor
Conservative Activist
Managing Partner, Crease Harman LLP

Andrew Reeve
Riding President, Liberal Party of Canada - Victoria

Sonia Théroux
Campaign Manager for Jo-Ann Roberts, Green Party of Canada - Victoria