John, Paul and Mic

John, Paul and Mic - An interview with Niall Paltiel - Central Saanich Councillor Candidate

June 27, 2014

An interview with Niall Paltiel - Central Saanich Councillor Candidate ( - /


- at age 21, why do want to be a councillor?

- in general, how to get the Youth Vote mobilized & engaged?

- Niall's viewpoint's regarding regional sewage

- how to engage Youth thru the Municipal level?

- Enviornmental Issues & Youth related policy…balanced dialogue?

- Niall's viewpoint's regarding Workforce Housing

- How to avoid the North Saanich confrontation scenario?

- Niall's viewpoint's regarding can young folks sty to live, work & play in Lower Vancouver Island? 

This Week in Politics 

- Northern Gateway Pipeline

- CRD relevant?

- Social Media Commentary / Free Speech discussion

- has Social Media commentary gone array? are we scared to post opinions?

- are we all NIBMY's? Bell curve community opinion.

- Nanaimo Council & cancelled speaker at recent Leadership Conference

- So easy to say no! Hard to work to get to yes…

- does Social Media stifle free speech?