John, Paul and Mic

John, Paul and Mic - Interview with Jason Guille, Social Entrepreneur, Venue Owner, Event Producer & Agent of Peace

July 18, 2014

What better place to discuss Stream of Consciousness - SoC ( than in a downtown Victoria, BC coffee shop with founder Jason Guille. 

·         What is Stream of Consciousness? ~ 1:05 mins

·         Jason Guille & what does he do? (Stream of Consciousness, Victoria Public Market, Sunset Room - ~ 1:45 mins

·         How did SoC start? 2:17 mins

o   how can SoC impact politics, particulary the Nov 2014 elections? ~ 4:45 mins

o   is SoC a media outlet? What are the ethical delima's of becoming a media outlet? ~ 5:50 mins

o   are there other SoC type media channels around? ~ 7:45 mins

§  how can this type of media evolve?

·         Sunset Room ( discussion and possible applications ~ 10:35 mins

·         Lisa Helps Campaign & SoC - media and platform implications ~ 14:20 mins

·         Crowd Funding (CF) discussion ~ 16:15 mins

o   how to engage? How much work is it? What does CF mean? ~ 17:30 mins

o   what criteria makes a successful CF campaign? ~ 19:50 mins

§  flexible vs. fixed CF type campaigns

§  successful examples

o   reflections into starting, implementing and completing a live (SoC) CF campaign ~ 24:00 mins

o   re-defining entrepreneurship? Is CF the beginning bits and pieces of new age business start-ups? Review… ~ 29:06 mins

·         Commercial - Patreon - an digital arts platform allowing "you" to be involved - ~ 31:10 mins

·         CF Platforms…what are they? What are some pro's & con's? ~ 32:30 mins

·         SoC CF records broken and accomplishments ~ 36:10 mins

o   most successful CF campaign in Vancouver Island history

o   2nd largest trans-media CF campaign in Canadian history