John, Paul and Mic

John, Paul and Mic - Interview with Lacey Sheardown, Director of Marketing,

August 7, 2014 is an industry leader in person-to-person commerce, listing tens of thousands of items for sale on websites spanning Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. We interviewed Lacey Sheardown, the Marketing Director, for this week's John, Paul and Mic show. 

Lacey, Paul & John chat about how started, where it is today and a peek into the future. 

This Canadian-owned and operated global online classified advertising leader benefits buyers & sellers as well as Small Business operators. The latter can post their services for sale, including their entire inventory if applicable…and all for free! is a pioneer and advocate for conscious consumerism, they are a Victoria-based technology giant, and clearly employ innovative, progressive and "new economy" knowledgeable staff. Congratulations to and special thanks to Lacey Sheardown for navigating us thru this exciting and continually growing company.