John, Paul and Mic

John, Paul and Mic - Interview with Paul Nursey, President and CEO, Tourism Victoria

August 14, 2014

This week we sat down with Paul Nursey, President and CEO of Tourism Victoria.

Here are a few of the topics we discussed:
  • A little about Paul Nursey, and the experience he brings to Tourism Victoria
  • The state of the Tourism Industry in Victoria
  • The kinds of Tourists Victoria attracts: lifestyle and experiential tourism
  • Where tourists are coming from: Canada, USA, Asia, China, etc.
  • How tourism in Victoria has changed from the days of "Little Britain" and kitschy attractions, to today
  • Some of Victoria's world-class accommodations
  • Victoria as a cruise destination
  • The structure of Tourism Victoria, and recent organizational changes

Thanks to Paul, Tessa and everyone at Tourism Victoria for allowing us to invade their office this week to record the show. We also recorded a new opening and closing for the show (so now you have to listen until the end).

And thank you again to Rotten Little Kings for the amazing music!