John, Paul and Mic

John, Paul and Mic - Inaugural Show - April 2014

April 30, 2014

This is the show to establish the channel. "Mic" wasn't feeling very well today, so the sound quality is a bit off.

Stay tuned for our first fabulous episode later this week!

John, Paul and Mic is a show all about ideas, discussions and innovations in politics, technology and society. 

John Juricic is an educational entrepreneur & business development evangelist. He's been mucking around dealing with corporate & organizational efficiency and productivity for over 32 years. Reach him via Twitter @jbj59. 

Paul Holmes works in the financial industry, and is also known for his leadership experience in business, political organization, and social media. Perhaps his best known project is co-producing the annual Social Media Camp conference, Canada's largest social media event. Connect with Paul on Twitter @tpholmes. 

Mic is a tool. He doesn't have much to contribute, but is an integral part of our team. Connect with Mic on Twitter @ALonelyMic. 

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