John, Paul and Mic

JPM Political Pundit Show #3 - Sept 16th

September 17, 2015

This is the exciting, often raucous, political panel recorded on September 16th, featuring Bruce Hallsor, a long-time Conservative activist in Victoria, and Sheldon Kitzul, representing the NDP point of view and Andrew Reeve, local Riding President for the Liberal Party. 

Also very present were John Juricic of Harbour Digital Media & Paul Holmes of Smart Dolphins. Off the bat, a huge disclaimer on my part...because of trying to capture a conference call type environment around a large table, I increased the "Gain" microphone control, well, all it did was capture my incessant and annoying laughter (lots of "Equalization" editing) my apologies, I will do better next time. 

- lots of deficit / balance budgets talk

- hearing the NDP defend a balanced budget...well, well

- considerable "front runner" bashing & poking

- NDP / Green Social Media vitriol & political battling

- in the absence of a Green Party representative, we actively discuss Green strategies and political tactics

- do dis-affected Conservatives vote Green?

- will strategic voting go on in Lower Vancouver Island?

- Thursday's (Sept 17th) debate summary and forecast - what might each leader focus on?

- Elizabeth May participating via Twitter - #globeandmale