John, Paul and Mic

Municipal Election Campaign Roundup - with Justin Stephenson and Michael Geoghegan

November 7, 2014

Who will win the election in Victoria? What will voter turnout look like in the region? Will John Juricic stop calling himself a Founding Father? These issues and more, and not the last one, are all things we discuss on this week's podcast.

John and Paul sat down with Victoria Council hopeful Justin Stephenson, who, in John, Paul and Mic tradition, left a changed man. Joining us was the always brilliant, usually controversial, and occasionally funny Michael Geoghegan, Government relations consultant and television commentator and pundit.

What's it like running a campaign in this day and age? What's the role of a Councilor - a bureaucrat or a leader? What's the pulse of the region? Where's the coffee?

With Paul's threat to "eat his hat" if his very off-side predictions were wrong came forth a mythical "chocolate hat", which suddenly everyone wanted to eat. As such, Justin changed the losing prize to a bowl of oatmeal instead.

Enjoy the show, and tune in next week for our last look at the numbers before the election on November 15th.

Huge kudos go to the WestShore Chamber of Commerce for hosting us on short notice. Thanks you guys!

What do you want to see happen on the show after all this municipal election business is over? Let us know @JohnPaulandMic.