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The Truth About Workforce Housing in the CRD with special guest Shannon Renault

April 18, 2015
When we talk about housing policy in Greater Victoria (British Columbia, for all our non-Canadian friends), we usually mean homelessness. Fair enough. We can all agree homelessness is an important issue.

But what are the economic implications of high housing prices, both rental and ownership, for our region's "regular" workers - the middle class, the people that are here, and the smart people our region is trying to attract?

Governments in our region tell you they are addressing the issue. According to housing policy expert Shannon Renault, they really are not, and she explains why in this week's episode.

We begin the first show of the new season (that is, season 2) with the usual banter between Paul and John, and hit on a few topical political issues: the Alberta election, and the reliability of polls therein; the continuing dysfunction in Saanich Municipal politics; predictions for the Federal election; and more!

If you want to skip John and Paul's caffeine-fuelled nonsense, fast forward to about 15 minutes to get to the really good stuff.

Welcome back listeners.

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