John, Paul and Mic

City of Victoria Council Candidates

October 20, 2014
It's municipal political season on Lower Vancouver Island. Did you know that fully one third of eligible voters in the City of Victoria are in the 25-40 year old demographic? This age group have tended not to fully engage in the political process in recent that about to end? Are we witnessing a schism shift on our political scene? Well, we'll find out November 15th. In the meantime, the John Paul & Mic show will be interviewing youth municipal council candidates for Victoria, the Peninsula and the Westshore, asking the same question, "Whaaaaz up?"...ok, that's definitely from my generation. 

This week we interviewed 3 council candidates (Jeremy LovedayIan HoarRyan Moen) and Lisa Help's campaign manager (Sonia Theroux), all with something in common: they're keenly interested in making Victoria a better place, and they're all under 40.

How do we make Victoria an affordable, livable place for all? What might happen if we elected a council with demographics that reflected the composition of our citizenship? Why are people under 40 so disinclined to vote? We also touched on policy issues including the Blue Bridge, infrastructure spending and much more.

We tackle these topics and others on this week's show. We could have gone on for hours...