John, Paul and Mic


April 29, 2017

Well...after several decades of inactivity...Paul Holmes & I slapped together a appears and feels like we'll be getting off the couch & start regular podcasting also appears that months of inactivity & massive aging has facilitated a complete lack of listen today for the chaos, tomfoolery and general disruptiveness that we call the John, Paul and Mic podcast...anyways...

  • GREAT discussion about next week's (May 4th-5th) Social Media Camp...Paul Holmes is co-founder of Canada's Premier Social Media Conference

    • we focus on the seemingly absolute lack of civility, ethics, morality in today's social media discourse...trolling...bots...meanness, anger...
    • amongst the many great panel discussions & speakers at Social Media Camp, we talk about the May 4th "Political Panel" that will include Alise Mills, Sonia Theroux and Tess Van Straaten - #allfemalepanel
  • some great quotes from this podcast...
    • "the rules of how we communicate with each other have been re-written"
    • Social Media has facilitated a "fundamental re-writing" of our society"
  • Paul talks abouit another fabulous podcast that he's involved with -