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August 27th Political Panel and Periscope Debut

August 27th Political Panel and Periscope Debut

September 8, 2015
This is the political panel recorded on August 27th, featuring Bruce Hallsor, a long-time Conservative activist in Victoria, and Sonia Théroux, Campaign Manager for Green Party Victoria candidate, Jo-Ann Roberts.

We had regrets from both our NDP and Liberal guests lined up for today's show, and hope to have them both back for the next one.

New this episode, we broadcast the first 10 minutes or so on Periscope. What a hoot. If you'd like to tune in to our next live Periscope show, download Periscope on your phone or tablet, and follow @JohnPaulandMic. If you follow us on Twitter (also @JohnPaulandMic), you will see a Tweet when we go live. If you really don't want to miss it, though, mark your calendar for September 16th at 9:05am.

We had a great discussion today, around the unique animal that is the South Vancouver Island Green vs. NDP battleground.

Here are a few articles we referenced during the Podcast:
Federal Political Panel 2015 - Part 1 of 4

Federal Political Panel 2015 - Part 1 of 4

August 3, 2015
In a dangerous social experiment, we brought four different viewpoints from four different Federal political party activists into one room.

Instead of the predicted implosion of the space-time continuum, we actually had a pretty frank and interesting discussion about the upcoming Federal election, and many issues...
  • A McKenzie Interchange!
  • $1 Billion deficit. Rounding error, or political hay?
  • Apparently we are in, or may have been in a recession.
  • Did anybody predict the price of oil falling as it did? Fracking revolution or carbon bubble?
  • The carbon economy... Cap and trade? Carbon tax? Regulatory standards? Government incentives?
  • Childcare? A National plan? Parent choice?
  • When's the writ going to drop? How does it matter?
Esteemed guests included...

James Cocolla
Riding President, NDP - Victoria

Bruce Hallsor
Conservative Activist
Managing Partner, Crease Harman LLP

Andrew Reeve
Riding President, Liberal Party of Canada - Victoria

Sonia Théroux
Campaign Manager for Jo-Ann Roberts, Green Party of Canada - Victoria
BEER - with Murray Langdon of Vancouver Island Brewery

BEER - with Murray Langdon of Vancouver Island Brewery

July 22, 2015
In this episode, we welcome to the show Murray Langdon, the General Manager of the award winning Vancouver Island Brewery, the oldest craft brewer on Vancouver Island.

Given Murray's long career in journalism prior to coming aboard with Vancouver Island Brewery, we kick off the conversation with a general talk around the state of media in Canada, and get some great insights from somebody who spent most of a lifetime working in the media industry.

We shift gears into beer. The history of the brewery, the state of the industry, it's connection with "buy local", and the many opportunities that exist around the industry.

We wrap up with a chat about the area where the brewery is located, and the potential land use around that area - "mid-town" (or as John might envision it, "Yaletown").

Media, business and politics - sounds like a pretty well rounded episode for JPM. Enjoy the show!

This episode is not intended as an endorsement of alcohol consumption of any kind. In particular, it is not intended for an audience under age 19. If you drink alcohol, please drink responsibly, don't drive (and drink locally).
Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada Leader

Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada Leader

June 30, 2015
What's it like trying to be an authentic politician in Canada, with our unforgiving media, and widespread cynicism?

Is Stephen Harper really a fiscal conservative?

What would the Green Party do to improve our economy?

We ask Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, all this and much more...
Federal Election Political Chat - with Sonia Théroux and Kalen Harris

Federal Election Political Chat - with Sonia Théroux and Kalen Harris

June 18, 2015

In the lead up to the Federal election, we are assembling a political panel to look at the bigger picture, and issues that affect us locally.

We were joined on June 11th by Sonia Théroux, Campaign Manager for Victoria Green Party candidate Jo-Ann Roberts, and Kalen Harris, community advocate and owner of Shatterbox Coffee.

Except for being sidetracked by a fierce debate between Sonia and Paul about a National Daycare Program, most of this episode focuses on the flaws of our current electoral system, not just the systemic institutional ones...the problems with outcomes based on who votes (and who doesn't) Members of Parliament vote in Parliament, talking points, the media, and so much more.

It was a raucous, but oh so fun!

The Social Media Camp Episode

The Social Media Camp Episode

May 22, 2015

We recorded live at Social Media Camp. A podcast all about podcasting - past, present and future. (Warning: It's totally unedited.)

We were joined by Eric Bramble of

Follow along with Social Media Camp on social media, using #SMCamp.

The music is "Rollin at 5" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Daniela Cubelic and Dan Dagg - A Pulse on Victoria Business

Daniela Cubelic and Dan Dagg - A Pulse on Victoria Business

May 12, 2015

Two great local business leaders go head to head at the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Awards this week, and we had both on our show!

Daniela Cubelic is Victoria's "Queen of Tea" and inspirational leader and owner of Silk Road Tea. She has been a tireless supporter of local community based activities and a blazing entrepreneur in the process of re-inventing the Capital's manufacturing sector.

Dan Dagg is a communications, marketing and design guru leading the creative team at Hot House Marketing (owner). Dan has been instrumental in shaping Victoria's Economic Development initiatives as Chair of the GVDA and Executive member of the GVCC

We were lucky to have both Daniela and Dan chat about the business and economic development prospects and solutions for our great Capital City!

Btw, once again we were honoured to tape our show at the offices of UsedEverywhere on Broughton. A very special thanks to Lacey Sheardown, Marketing Manager, for hosting us. Listen to our John Paul & Mic broadcast specific to with Lacey at

Politics and Social Media with Allie Valiente and Todd Hauptman

Politics and Social Media with Allie Valiente and Todd Hauptman

May 9, 2015

It's the Social Media Camp podcast cross-over episode. Look for this episode on John, Paul and Mic, and the Social Media Camp podcast. Crazy, huh?

Paul talks to two folks who know a thing or two about politics and social media. One is current journalist, communications consultant, and former communications and campaign manager for British Columbia MLA Mary Polak, Todd Hauptman. The other is communications consultant and former social media coordinator for the British Columbia Liberal Party during the last provincial election, Allie Valiente.

How does social media fit into the context of a modern political campaign? What are the opportunities, and what are the pitfalls? Who should and should not incorporate social media heavily into their campaign strategy.

We discuss this and more in this special episode.

Todd and Allie will be joining former JPM guests Andrew Reeve, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps on a special Politics and Social Media panel at Social Media Camp 2015 on May 21st to 23rd, 2015 in Victoria, moderated by UVic political science professor Janni Aragon. For more information, check out Social Media Camp.

Alberta Election and other stuff … with Andrew Reeve

Alberta Election and other stuff … with Andrew Reeve

May 6, 2015

Andrew Reeve was a young candidate in the last municipal election in Victoria, finishing a very respectable 13th place in his first ever attempt. He is also currently serving as President of the Victoria Electoral District of the Liberal Party of Canada.

We talk youth in politics, Federal election and leaders, the PEI election, and... um... oh, ya, THE ALBERTA ELECTION.

The banter is larger than life in this COMPLETELY UNEDITED edition of John, Paul and Mic.

Enjoy the show!
The Truth About Workforce Housing in the CRD with special guest Shannon Renault

The Truth About Workforce Housing in the CRD with special guest Shannon Renault

April 18, 2015
When we talk about housing policy in Greater Victoria (British Columbia, for all our non-Canadian friends), we usually mean homelessness. Fair enough. We can all agree homelessness is an important issue.

But what are the economic implications of high housing prices, both rental and ownership, for our region's "regular" workers - the middle class, the people that are here, and the smart people our region is trying to attract?

Governments in our region tell you they are addressing the issue. According to housing policy expert Shannon Renault, they really are not, and she explains why in this week's episode.

We begin the first show of the new season (that is, season 2) with the usual banter between Paul and John, and hit on a few topical political issues: the Alberta election, and the reliability of polls therein; the continuing dysfunction in Saanich Municipal politics; predictions for the Federal election; and more!

If you want to skip John and Paul's caffeine-fuelled nonsense, fast forward to about 15 minutes to get to the really good stuff.

Welcome back listeners.

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