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The Education Podcast with Jeff Hopkins

The Education Podcast with Jeff Hopkins

January 21, 2015

This week we kick off with Paul's thoughts about the importance of reconciling civility and freedoms, in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, then lead into a conversation about the state of B.C.'s education system.

We were very excited to be joined by the Founder and Principal Educator at the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry, a B.C. post-secondary institution that's breaking the mould and attracting a lot of attention.

How do kids learn, what kids should learn, and where all of this is going?

If you haven't watched Jeff's TedX Victoria talk, check it out here:

During the talk, Jeff told us about an exciting event coming up in B.C., that will have both the BCTF and the Ministry of Education involved (collaboration, imagine that). Here's the announcement link:

Jeff is also a fan of the work of John Abbott, recommending the article "Battling for the Soul of Education", and the video "Born to Learn".
Adam Olsen, Interim Leader, BC Green Party

Adam Olsen, Interim Leader, BC Green Party

January 9, 2015

John Paul & Mic start 2015 right out of the gate and interview Adam Olsen, Interim Leader of the BC Provincial Green Party

We ask the challenging questions, why are you wearing purple socks? Why is the left sock on the right foot? LOL...all kidding aside, the Provincial Green's appeared to end 2014 with good momentum...will it carry into 2015? And why? How will the Provincial Green Party handle Small Business interests? 

Listen in for the candor and light hearted but focussed conversation. 
Lorraine Murphy of - Hacking, Hacktivism, Anonymous, Sony and North Korea

Lorraine Murphy of - Hacking, Hacktivism, Anonymous, Sony and North Korea

December 23, 2014

Just in time for the holiday season!

We travel down a curious path with Lorraine Murphy (aka Raincoaster) of, covering such festive topics as hacking, hacktivism, Anonymous, "The Interview" and the Sony hack, North Korea, FBI hackers, privacy, and everything related.

Merry Christmas to all ... and a well-encrypted new year!
The Space Station Episode - with Shea Phillips and Dallas Gislason

The Space Station Episode - with Shea Phillips and Dallas Gislason

December 11, 2014

If you're wondering why the audio is a bit off this week, it's because we recorded in space. Move over Chris Hadfield, the Space Station was ours this week! That's our story, anyway - and we're sticking to it.

Co-working. What is it? Where is it happening in Victoria? What's next on the scene? And what are we doing in the local economy to keep startups healthy, growing and staying local.

We put these questions, and more, to Shea Phillips, the Community Manager for Spacestation in beautiful downtown Victoria, and Dallas Gislason, Economic Development Officer at the Greater Victoria Development Agency.

Enjoy our first week in a while not talking about politics ... OK, well, not much.
A Candid Interview with Lisa Helps’ Campaign Manager, Sonia Théroux

A Candid Interview with Lisa Helps’ Campaign Manager, Sonia Théroux

November 28, 2014
First off, at the 1 minute mark, Paul and John review the municipal election predictions made on the show (by John, Paul, Bernard von Schulmann and Michael Geoghegan), to see how surprisingly accurate some of them were. Bernard and Paul were the only two with a big miss on the big news of the night, Saanich Mayor and Victoria Mayor (Paul got both wrong).

At the 10:20 mark, the veil is lifted on Lisa Helps' campaign machine, as we begin our interview with Sonia Théroux, her campaign manager. Sonia gives us unique insider insights into the mechanics of the campaign, the so-called "Purple" coalition, the galvanizing effect of Lisa's personality, and the peculiar campaign dynamics which ultimately led to a 89 vote victory on election night.

We veer off into a thousand directions, talking about sorry state of political discourse, voter suppression, pantyhose and photographs with chickens.

This was one of the most interesting interviews we have had to date. We hope you love it too!
Municipal Wrap-up with Bernard von Schulman

Municipal Wrap-up with Bernard von Schulman

November 14, 2014

Welcome to the 25th episode of John, Paul and Mic. Yup, 25 episodes later, and we're still doing this thing. If you love us for real, send us a congratulations Tweet @JohnPaulandMic, and rate the show on iTunes.

John, Paul and Mic sat down with Bernard von Schulman, founder of the popular political blog Victoria Vision, and legendary local political nerd.

In our local election campaign wrap-up, we talked about amalgamation (a lot), a vision for the City of Victoria, the motivations of young candidates and young voters, Justin Trudeau and marijuana (ya, we went there for some reason), interesting local races, local Green political influences, and a bunch of election night predictions ... most of which Paul will likely be on the wrong side of, sadly.

Fun Fact! Did you know that the megacities of Kelowna, Kamloops, Nanaimo and Port Alberni were all created through the terrifying amalgamation of smaller municipalities? 

John also loses 10 points this week for declaring the word of the day, then not using it at all again during the entire show.
Municipal Election Campaign Roundup - with Justin Stephenson and Michael Geoghegan

Municipal Election Campaign Roundup - with Justin Stephenson and Michael Geoghegan

November 7, 2014

Who will win the election in Victoria? What will voter turnout look like in the region? Will John Juricic stop calling himself a Founding Father? These issues and more, and not the last one, are all things we discuss on this week's podcast.

John and Paul sat down with Victoria Council hopeful Justin Stephenson, who, in John, Paul and Mic tradition, left a changed man. Joining us was the always brilliant, usually controversial, and occasionally funny Michael Geoghegan, Government relations consultant and television commentator and pundit.

What's it like running a campaign in this day and age? What's the role of a Councilor - a bureaucrat or a leader? What's the pulse of the region? Where's the coffee?

With Paul's threat to "eat his hat" if his very off-side predictions were wrong came forth a mythical "chocolate hat", which suddenly everyone wanted to eat. As such, Justin changed the losing prize to a bowl of oatmeal instead.

Enjoy the show, and tune in next week for our last look at the numbers before the election on November 15th.

Huge kudos go to the WestShore Chamber of Commerce for hosting us on short notice. Thanks you guys!

What do you want to see happen on the show after all this municipal election business is over? Let us know @JohnPaulandMic.

Westshore Candidates - Municipal and School Trustee

Westshore Candidates - Municipal and School Trustee

November 1, 2014

This is the 3rd and final interview in our series of Youth municipal candidates. We drove "all'" the way to the Westshore, were once again so thankful to be utilizing the Westshore Chamber of Commerce Boardroom...thank you Lindsay Wilson, you're doing a great job for Westshore business! Langford Council candidate Dustin Finerty and School District #62 Trustee candidate Ravi Parmar sat down with John and Paul (and Mic) this week to discuss youth in politics, as well as express some passionate views about education, safety, transportation issues and much more.

Paul tried his best to be the best non-candidate School Trustee that has ever not run...John tried to vote for everyone despite living in Saanich...all in all, our series hopefully helped the "rest" of us understand Youth based issues, concerns and excitement about this municipal election. So for f#$%'s sake, make you sure you vote on November 15th, whether you're a youth, middle aged and just plain old (like some of us). Till next time...
Peninsula Municipal Candidates

Peninsula Municipal Candidates

October 23, 2014

This is the 2nd in our series of listening to and asking youth candidates about the upcoming Municipal elections. In this episode we had a fun & informative time chatting with Ryan Windsor, Central Saanich Mayoral candidate, Erin Bremner, Sidney Councillor candidate & Niall Paltiel, Central Saanich Councillor candidate. 

We met at the fabulous Vancouver Island Technology Park, which much like our candidates, is another reflection of local innovation, creativity & efficiency. Please listen in to a new generation of politician and voter. 
City of Victoria Council Candidates

City of Victoria Council Candidates

October 20, 2014
It's municipal political season on Lower Vancouver Island. Did you know that fully one third of eligible voters in the City of Victoria are in the 25-40 year old demographic? This age group have tended not to fully engage in the political process in recent that about to end? Are we witnessing a schism shift on our political scene? Well, we'll find out November 15th. In the meantime, the John Paul & Mic show will be interviewing youth municipal council candidates for Victoria, the Peninsula and the Westshore, asking the same question, "Whaaaaz up?"...ok, that's definitely from my generation. 

This week we interviewed 3 council candidates (Jeremy LovedayIan HoarRyan Moen) and Lisa Help's campaign manager (Sonia Theroux), all with something in common: they're keenly interested in making Victoria a better place, and they're all under 40.

How do we make Victoria an affordable, livable place for all? What might happen if we elected a council with demographics that reflected the composition of our citizenship? Why are people under 40 so disinclined to vote? We also touched on policy issues including the Blue Bridge, infrastructure spending and much more.

We tackle these topics and others on this week's show. We could have gone on for hours...